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Life summed up in 3 seconds

Life summed up in 3 seconds

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Awesome pencil drawing of the 1st Pokemon generation !

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The Art of Our Bodies

The intricacies of the human body are explored in The New Cruelty’s work, where the production company based in Brooklyn took photographs of the famous BODIES: The Exhibition.

These photographs both fascinate and repulse, but most importantly, like the exhibit, they educate viewers, allowing us to get a glimpse of how our bodies function. After the initial shock of seeing our insides so exposed, viewers begin to discover the great detail in our veins and the spectrum of colour found just in and around the heart. Our bodies present themselves as works of art, in this case, exhibited and then photographed.

The aim of BODIES: The Exhibition is to “[allow] visitors to see the human body’s inner beauty in educational and awe-inspiring ways”, with bodies and organs preserved using “a revolutionary process called polymer preservation, in which human tissue is permanently preserved using liquid silicone rubber.” Every aspect of the body is covered, allowing curious minds to see up close that which most of us never get to see.

The exhibit, and especially the pictures taken by The New Cruelty, shows just how much a part of nature we are; our whole-body vein system looks strikingly similar to the veins seen on leaves, and our pulmonary veins and arteries (attached to the heart) look more like coral reefs than human organs.

-Anna Paluch

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y’all make jokes about what a lame power phasing is but like. kitty could rip your heart out of your chest. 


or phase an object through your skull


but instead she uses her power to phase a giant bullet THROUGH THE ENTIRE EARTH


please don’t underestimate kitty pryde she is fucking hardcore

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Haha! Math meets grammar. http://ift.tt/1iIJcTL


Haha! Math meets grammar. http://ift.tt/1iIJcTL

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8-Bit Grindhouse Series 

Cretaed by Wonderbros || Store


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Think. Think. Think before you do something you know is not a good choice. Most murders happen by people between the ages of 17-24, and 90% of them involve drugs and/or alcohol. A murder (or any crime for that matter) starts with one bad decision, that leads to another bad decision, that leads to a devastating act. Think about every thing you do, and ask yourself if you really want to take responsibility for what you are either doing, or about to do.
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